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Boutique Mortgage Broker

What is a Boutique Mortgage Broker?

In a general sense, a boutique mortgage broker is a financial agent that will typically work within a particular region, such as a suburb in Melbourne. Due to their boutique nature, they often work pretty closely with their clientele, making them one of the most highly sought after home loan specialists in Australia.

What makes them different?

There are several different types of mortgage broker; from those that specialise in comparing interest rates, right through to the types that approach big lenders in an attempt to connect their clients with the cheapest loans available. Boutique home loan brokers on the other hand often keep their efforts a little more dedicated; focusing on local lending agencies for loans and suburban bank branches for mortgages.

Can anyone hire them?

As long as they are planning on comparing rates of interest, applying for a mortgage, or pursuing a home loan application with a bank in Australia, these finance experts can be hired. New home buyers are the most common type of client, but repeat borrowers such as property developers and investors can also stand to benefit, too.

What does the term boutique apply to when considering a broker exactly?

Boutique offices are often smaller, more client-friendly locations that are based within specific areas. Take the suburb of Ringwood in Melbourne for example. If a person wants to live in this region then they may be able to take advantage of the services offered by a national broker; but they may find themselves getting to take advantage of better deals by keeping things as local as possible.

This is a benefit that many new home buyers are starting to realise and as a result, plenty of new boutique offices are popping up in and around Australia to cater to the increase in demand. Where regular mortgage brokering offices offer broader services; those that specialise in boutique features will typically provide one on one solutions instead.

This can allow a borrower to work closely with their brokering agent, get to grips with what they have to offer and then enjoy the selection of expertise that they bring to the table. Rather than settling for mundane deals on home loans that are often found by traditional brokers; a boutique agent may be able to personalise the borrowers options, negotiate with a local lender and connect them with the right type of mortgage for their needs.