AZ Forsale

Renovate Your Bathroom

Top Four Renovate Your Bathroom Tips

You’d be surprised at the amount of time you spend in the bathroom but according to researchers, most people spend an average of 2 hours per day in their own bathrooms. With the high humidity, water, soap, wear and tear, is it any wonder that the room gets gunky and old? Bathroom renovations may sound great but it can be a long project. Instead of spending time and energy renovating the entire bathroom, we spoke to Brad Lynch from BRM Bathrooms in Melbourne who gave us a few tips that can instantly revamp the appearance of the bathroom without costing a bomb.

Refinish parts of your bathroom
Instead of wasting money for new fixtures, you should consider refinishing your existing fixtures. Most plumbers offer this feature and they will remove the old fixtures, reline them with copper or tarnish-free metals and then refit them into place. This is cheap and you land up with fixtures and fittings that look brand new and beautiful but which actually cost pennies to revamp. You can also do this with bathroom cupboards, drawers and shelves making them appear beautiful again.

Use spot lighting
A brightly lit bathroom can be really beautiful. We recommend using LED lights or bright fluorescent lighting that will make your bathroom appear large and beautifully white. Combine bright lights with dim spot lighting around the tub or shower area to encourage relaxation. Combine lighting with mirrors to create an illusion of space and to make your bathroom appear bigger than normal.

Ventilation is a must
Bathrooms can get foggy and humid and exhaust fans are essential to ensure that your bathroom is clean. To prevent mold build-up, we recommend you install exhaust fans and vents that will ensure a clean and well-ventilated room.

Recess all cupboards and fixtures
Small bathrooms can look tinier still when you install cupboards and hangars. We recommend you use wall mounted cupboards, towel hangers, and hooks to reduce the amount of space that is taken up. You can also use sliding doors and wall mounted soap stands, shaving mirrors, sliding counters etc to save space.